About Potina

Offering Fine Art for your garden.

In the spring of 1998 when I first met Alice Hayes, the daughter of Sylvia Shaw Judson, I could never imagine what was ahead.

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, the non-fiction novel by John Berendt, featuring Sylvia Shaw Judson’s Bird Girl on its cover, had become one of the most successful non-fiction novels of all time. The film version had recently been released, but Mrs. Hayes was distraught about the “horrible versions of Bird Girl” that were starting to hit the marketplace.

After many meetings and conversations, I finally convinced Mrs. Hayes that the only way to protect her mother’s artistic legacy was to offer a reproduction approved by her; one that would maintain the integrity and beauty of her mother’s work.

Those initial conversations led to the very successful and respectful relationship between my company, Potina, and Sylvia Shaw Judson’s estate.

Many years later, that relationship continues to thrive with a growing collection of beautifully sculpted pieces of garden art crafted by Sylvia Shaw Judson.

Our latest addition to the collection, The Little Gardener, is the one that I’m very excited about. This award winning sculpture has a fascinating history and is also one of Sylvia Shaw Judson’s most incredible and beautiful pieces.

Through our exclusive licensing agreement with the estate, I’m proud to offer you some of the finest garden art sculptures available; by one of America’s most talented sculpture artists, Sylvia Shaw Judson.

-Brian Caldwell