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Potina is the exclusive supplier of the Sylvia Shaw Judson Collection garden statuary. Mrs. Judson was the sculptor of the famous Savannah Bird Girl statue that was photographed for the cover of the best selling non-fiction novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, by John Berendt, and featured in the movie by the same title.

For the first time ever, many of Sylvia Shaw Judson’s works, in addition to the Bird Girl, are becoming available for reproduction and purchase. These statues, approved and permitted by her estate, are all copyright protected. Potina is proud and honored to offer these beautiful masterpieces of art to you!

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Featured Items

  • Bird Girl - (37.5
    Bird Girl - (37.5") Style #7779 37.5”h
    Sylvia Shaw Judson, 1936
    Bird Girl was sculpted by Sylvia Shaw Judson in 1936 and made famous by the best selling non-fiction novel...
  • Boy & Dog - Bronze
    Boy & Dog - Bronze
    Sylvia Shaw Judson, 1958
    Boy & Dog was sculpted in 1958 by Sylvia Shaw Judson in bronze for a private residence. The statue...
  • Bird Girl Fountain
    Bird Girl Fountain
    Sylvia Shaw Judson, 1936
    For gardens without existing ponds, basins can be purchased to display the Bird Girl fountain at the www.birdgirlfountain.com website (sold & shipped...
  • The Little Gardener
    The Little Gardener
    Sylvia Shaw Judson, 1935
    One of Sylvia Shaw Judson's most famous statues, The Little Gardener, was originally sculpted in 1935. An additional original...