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One of Sylvia Shaw Judson’s most famous statues, The Little Gardener, was originally sculpted in 1935. An additional original was purchased by Jackie Kennedy for the Rose Garden while she was First Lady. It remains displayed in The Jacqueline Kennedy White House Sculpture Garden.

An original copy was also presented by President Lyndon B. & Lady Bird Johnson as a gift for the Presidential Palace in The Philippines.

More recently, the sculpture was featured on the official White House Christmas card for President George W. and First Lady Laura Bush in 2007.

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Product Description

Style #7000
37.5” tall

Made in USA of fiberglass, marble dust, and resin. Copyright protected.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 37.5 × 12 × 10 in

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21 reviews for The Little Gardener

  1. Connie Woodward

    I’m delighted with my statue. I bought it for a small courtyard but decided to keep it on a covered porch. With the detail it’s interesting from all angles. Her face is sweet and her dress and hat are from another time. The base is enough on its own. It shipped much faster than expected and arrived safely. I’m glad to have a less commonly seen statue than the Bird Girl.

  2. Sue

    I purchased The Little Gardener in tribute to my Mother who passed away
    recently. I felt it was an appropriate tribute since she loved to garden.
    I placed the statue in the backyard which is beautifully landscaped due to
    Mom and Dad’s hard work over the years. Now, when I’m outside working
    in the yard, I can look at the statue and be reminded of Mom’s love of gardening.

  3. Elizabeth

    Perfect, just perfect. I sit with her to bring a sense of calm into my day.

  4. Carleen Reinstein

    I received my Little Gardener as a retirement gift to myself.
    I am so glad I purchased her.
    She is a beautiful peaceful piece. I love her so much she has spent the last few month in my family room. I want to view her constantly.
    Thank you for a lovely statue. She will grace the rose garden soon.

  5. Mary Gillis

    Absolutely love it and look forward to future purchases! Top Quality!

  6. Terri Pilon

    It’s a beautiful piece and is a lovely addition to our garden. Arrived within 6-8 weeks from date it was ordered. Extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. We tried him on the pedestal we have for the Bird Girl, and it raised him up so he becomes more of a focal point. We have ordered one just for him. They are a great company to deal with. A special thank you to Brian.

  7. Terri Pilon

    It’s a beautiful piece and is a lovely addition to our garden. Arrived within 6-8 weeks from date it was ordered. Extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. To place her a little higher we recently ordered the Bird Girl pedestal. We tried the one we have for the largest Bird Girl statue, and he looks great on it. Also ordered the Boy and his Dog. Very excited to get them.

  8. Gardening Gal

    My review is a tad late. I received my Little Gardener back in August. She wasn’t in my garden for very long before I moved her into my garage for winter storage. It was recommended to shelter her from harsh winter climate. I loved this statue so much that I am going to order The Bird Girl which was another sculpture by Sylvia Shaw Judson.
    As previous reviewers commented, Little Gardener is not as weighty as you would imagine her to be since she appears to be solid bronze. This actually was beneficial for me, though, since I was able to easily move her storage on my own.

  9. Denise A.

    I could not be happier with my purchase. She is absolutely stunning in our garden. Packaged beautifully and arrived in a timely manner.

  10. Judy Johnson

    Beautiful sculpture. I love her and have wanted her for my garden for such a long time. The time finally came!

  11. David H

    After spending a couple of months thinking about what to get my wife for our 30th anniversary, and coming up empty, I actually dreamed of a statue in our garden! Upon Googling for bronze statues, I knew a “real” bronze statue was out of my price range. However, The Little Gardener seemed to hit on all cylinders. The size was right, the color was perfect, based upon the reviews I read I wasn’t the least bit concerned about how she would look in twenty (or more) years, and the sculpture itself is beautiful. So, I ordered one for our anniversary. I also recreated the 2007 White House Christmas card (I photoshopped the tree out and wrote a beautiful message) as a tie-in to the gift.

    After ordering, I became a little worried about the pooch belly – in some of the photos I saw online, it appears to be very pronounced. I considered changing the statue to the Bird Girl and called Brian to discuss – thankfully he talked me into staying with my original choice. As much as he loves The Bird Girl, based on what I told him about my wife (she loves spending time tending to our garden) he reassured me that I had made the right choice.

    The statue is every bit as beautiful as I hoped she would be. Surrounded by annuals in our garden, she is the centerpiece of my wife’s garden oasis – and a topic of discussion for everyone who steps onto our back deck or patio.

    I wholeheartedly recommend The Little Gardener – she is the perfect tribute to thirty years of marriage – and, God willing, at least that many more. Thank you, Brian, for the wonderful stature – she will be treasured for years to come!

  12. Debbie Smith

    The Little Gardener is everything & more. I have wanted her for over 5 yrs. now. I have a birthday coming up & I said myself u r not getting any younger (60+) & you never know for life can turn on a dime & u certainly can’t take ur money with you. Delivery/Packaging Perfect! Thanks Brian for making this young @ heart lady ?

  13. Bonnie Cook

    I’ve wanted Little Gardener for a long time and finally treated myself. It’s soft, smooth and well sculpted- A beautiful piece- brings me joy.

  14. Stephanie

    We ordered this statue for my Mother-in-laws 80th birthday. She had tears in her eyes as we helped her open the box. However the really review is for Brian and his team at Potina. I called to see if there was anyway to put a rush on the order to get here in time. He told me he could try and put a rush on it but the holiday season they were slammed. It came exactly when we needed it to so that we could all be there in person to see her open it. We all had tears in our eyes. Thank you Potina for outstanding customer service!

  15. Terrie

    Arrived earlier than expected. Packaged securely. Love looking at it in my yard.

  16. Nancy

    The sculpture arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It was extremely well-packed. This product is beautifully crafted and I look forward to enjoying it in my garden for many years to come. Since we are in a cold climate, she will probably enjoy the winters inside, in an office garden setting. Thank you.

  17. Ann Fetzer

    I could not be happier with my purchase. I LOVE The Little Gardener and she has found a perfect place in our home. Packaging was amazing!

    Thank you for your wonderful reproduction and for your great service! I would definitely recommend your company to others.


    The Little Gardener arrived sooner than expected and is beautiful. We are building a new home and have a particular spot for the statue in the garden. Until our home is finished the statue is sitting in our current dining room and we enjoy looking at it every day. It was packaged very well and we are so pleased that we found your web site and were able to get this beautiful reproduction. Thank you!

  19. Marzena G.

    I bought this statue for myself. The quality of the Little Gardener is top notch.
    She is beautiful and unique , and that makes her a topic of conversation. She has been able to withstand heavy rain and strong winds.
    I was pleasantly surprised how well she was packed.
    Highly recommend.

  20. Bonnie N

    I could not be happier with the purchase that I made from you! The Little Gardener has found its home in the garden, at The Boca Raton Garden Club. It arrived earlier, then I had expected and it was packed beautifully!

    Thank you for your wonderful reproduction and for your great service! I would definitely recommend your company to others.

  21. Lynda Parkes

    Potina go the extra mile!
    I can not praise Brian of Potina highly enough. I live in the U.K and because of a glitch in the web site I put in my order for ‘the little gardener’ (she is not actually available to us here). I had fallen in love with her from the images on ‘Potina’s’ web site and was so disappointed when Brian emailed me to explain the situation to me that he then went on to do whatever he could to get her to me!
    As he suspected the air freight was more than the cost of ‘the little gardener’ statue so he very kindly contributed towards the cost!!! He obviously didn’t have to – but out of kindness he chose to help!!!
    Then hay presto! She was in our garden in England in 5 days!!! and wonderful she looks too, as if she was meant to be there. We have named her ‘Charlotte’ after where she was ‘born’ and are looking forward to having her in our garden and life for many years to come.
    ‘Charlotte’ is very well made and all the web site says she is. When the sun shines on her she is beautiful and we love her very much – as does every visitor who sees her in pride of place in our home.
    Thank you Brian for all you did to get her to us. You are a very kind and generous man.

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